Generations Center | Sawtooth Ceramic Arts Studio 114 W. 30th Street, Winston-Salem

Explore the creative possibilities of clay without using a potter's wheel. Beginners will learn pinch, slab, and coil techniques to create various projects. Students with experience can refine their skills […]


Watercolor Art Class

Generations Center | 209–Classroom 114 W. 30th Street, Rm. 209, Winston-Salem

Senior Services invites adults of all ages to explore the arts through classes being offered FREE OF CHARGE. Come paint with us! Learn how to paint a beautiful, beach scene. […]


Creative Junk Journal

Generations Center | Sawtooth Mixed Media Studio 114 W. 30th Street, Winston-Salem

Students will be guided in making a unique journal from ephemeral materials.  Enjoy this free-flowing process with endless possible results!  All materials included. Ages 14 and up.


If you are interested in hosting an event at the Generations Center, please note that space reservations and event bookings are limited to the Generations Center’s 21 partners at this time. You may view our complete policy here.

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